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Winemaking Concept

Marcelo Papa wanted to embark on an innovative and high-quality project. He began touring and exploring various valleys in Chile, until he found Limarí Valley, a place with exceptional characteristics, ideal for what he was looking for.

The brightness, the morning camanchaca, the cool breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean and the calcareous-based soils, rich in red clay, allowed Marcelo to create the project he named “Magic Valley”.

Noticing the qualities of the Limarí Valley, Marcelo discovered there was immense potential for the classic Burgundy grape varieties, resulting in wines of consistent quality, representative of their origin. The attraction of region and the Incas’ terrace cultivation system would give a distinctive character to Maycas del Limarí.

Marcelo Papa

Chief Winemaker

Marcelo began his career in Viña Concha y Toro in 1998, when he took charge of the famous Casillero del Diablo line. A year later, he took on the responsibility of another of the company’s most important wine lines, Marques de Casa Concha, and turned it into a brand that is consistently being awarded and recognized worldwide, always breaking the 90-point barrier in all of its products. At the end of 1999, he was named chief winemaker at the Puente Alto winemaking cellar.

Marcelo’s passion for his work has defined the distinctive style that imprints every project that he embarks on. According to the international media, his greatest professional achievement lies precisely in this particular character that is present in all of his wines.

This winemaker’s personal style has also had a great impact on the super premium project Maycas del Limarí, a winery he has led since its inception in 2005. Unique, top quality wines that have earned great recognition around the world.

Javier Villarroel


Winemaker from the Catholic University, Javier began working at Concha y Toro in 2000. Until 2005, he worked with Enrique Tirado in the production of Don Melchor at the Puente Alto winemaking cellar, and then transferred to the Limarí Valley to work with Marcelo Papa on the Maycas del Limarí project.

After years living in the proximity of the vineyards and working in the winemaking projects of Maycas del Limarí, Javier has developed a true passion for the valley, and has made this winery an essential part of his lifestyle.

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Inca Influence

The Inca Empire extended over 5,000 km. from Cusco, in Peru, to the South along the Andes. Limarí Valley belonged to what they called the “Southern Kingdom” and had great importance due to the extraction of minerals such as copper, gold and semi-precious stones (especially turquoise, considered the royal stone).

The influence of this civilization is still visible in the Limarí Valley. The river stone buildings, typical of the Inca architecture, can be found within the valley.

Maycas means “arable lands” in Quechua –the Incas’ language-, and together with the concept of Inti -or “the sun”- were the pillars of this culture. To determine agricultural cycles, the Incas created their famous solar calendar, which has transcended until today.

The labels of Maycas del Limarí’s different wine lines pays tribute to this mighty civilization.