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The Icon Wines of Maycas del Limarí shine in Jamessuckling.com

The Icon Wines of Maycas del Limarí shine in Jamessuckling.com

In the recent report on Chilean wines published at JamesSuckling.com, the renowned American critic praised Quebrada Seca and San Julián with outstanding scores.

The highest score went to the icon Chardonnay Quebrada Seca 2013, with 94 points, highlighting the Limarí Valley as the origin of fresh, mineral and elegant wines.

“This is a tight and powerful chardonnay with mineral, cooked apple, hints of cream and stone. Full body with layers of fruit and texture. Very, very premier cru Burgundy in character and tendency”, described James Suckling.

Maycas del Limari’s icon Pinot Noir San Julián 2014, received remarkable 93 points, surprising the critic with notes that mix “dried strawberries”, “wet earth character” and “fresh flowers”.

These outstanding accolades from the international media confirm once again the project led by the winemakers Marcelo Papa and Javier Villarroel with their teams, wines that represent the “magic” of the Limarí Valley.