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Chile – Valle del Limarí’s Chardonnays

Chile – Valle del Limarí’s Chardonnays

[Source: JamesSuckling.com, July 7, 2016.]                                                                         >> WATCH VIDEO <<

Valle del Limarí is located about 400 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile. The unique wines of the arid Limari region are a result of the dominant calcareous soils as well as the proximity to the ocean. The wines here combine clarity and intensity but also has a subtle overall austerity.

Although pinots and syrahs are of outstanding quality, it is the chardonnays that are specially attractive with luscious transparent fruits, but balanced by a mineral austere character and fresh acidity.

In this video, Marcelo Papa, winemaker of Maycas del Limarí, comments on the characteristics of Limarí as well as its chardonnays and its top wine, Maycas de Limarí Quebrada Seca.